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HeySayJUMP! & Yuma Bonus Wallpaper
SO after a very long time, I have decided to make wallpapers for JUMP and YUMA
it has been months since the last time I opened my application for having wallies :)
I am hoping for your support

Chinen Yuri

Arioka Daiki

Inoo Kei

Okamoto Keito

Yamada Ryosuke

Morimoto Ryutaro

Kota Yabu

Yaotome Hikaru

Takaki Yuya

Nakajima Yuto

So then, thats the end of my graphics for HEYSAYJUMP it feels so good
to post another graphics again... sigh how nostalgic~! Please support
this one thank you :)

and The BONUS Wallpaper is these 2 :)

Okay I just so love yumas eyes and thats it
I made a wallpaper of him :) I am hoping everyone would like
my works :)

This would be the link/download of ALL HSJ Wallies except for Yuma

COMMENTS ARE LOVED IF You Are going to take some :)


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I like the Yuto one. Good job on that.

Anyway, I was wondering what program did you use? Photoshop?

sorry for the late reply but yeah :)
i did use photoshop :)

keito's pic is really good~ ^^
and love the ryuu one~ >w

Thank You very much~!
I am hoping for your support :)

I saw this page today and I was very impressed!
It's great!!

ohh~! :) thank you ^_^
sorry for the late reply but again
I am thanking you for dropping by :)

Taking the Keito♥ one
Thanks! ^-^
Btw, I love the wallpaper (:

ohh thank You~! :)
I am very thankful for your time and effort :)

Love it~
Taking Yamada and Yuto^^

love your wall about Yuma and Ryutaro
and thanks alot

Thank you very much ^_^ please support me again sooner or later :)

thank u for share this walls *----*
I taking Ryutaro, Yuto and Yuma walls ^^
thank u~~!!!

you're always welcome! :)
thank you very much too!

I just found this
It's cool~!
taking daiki one
credits when using <3

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