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[OneShot] FanFic OHNO's Birthday
Title: Birthday
Author: ketz12/ketz12
Rating, Genre: Friendship
ProofRead By: senna23
Summary: It's about time. A new start. Moving On.
Authors Note: I would like to thank my friend who proof read this one. Please take time and read this. I would be very greatful to hear your
comments. Thank you!


” I was right there. I saw everything. I wanted him to know”

“Ticking Clock, opening and closing of Books, Ringing bell, resounding steps in the corridor, resembling uniforms. These are the things I only knew in my life. I think…” Ohno said in his head. He slowly lifts his head, waking up from his slumber on his desk. He looked around.  No one is around. He looked at his clock:  it’s still lunch time and everybody is still out.

                He is a black haired guy wearing a clean uniform of his university. He wears black glasses and a very simple black leathered watch.  Ohno peacefully watches the white curtain of the classroom slowly being blown away by the warm wind. He went beside the window and watched the outside world. He saw students playing at the soccer field of the university. He really loves soccer. Unconsciously, he somehow smiled for a moment. He feels happy. A gentle feeling tickled inside of him while watching the others play.

“Oi!!” someone said smiling and waving at Ohno. Ohno searched for that person and when their eyes met, Ohnos’ face went blank. Ohno went back to his seat.

Lunch break is over. Most of the students are now entering the room.

Someone called his name , rushing towards him, “Satoshi!”

 “Don’t call me on my first name.” Ohno said bluntly.

 “Eh? So cold.! Do you have a fridge here? Seems really cold just talking to you”.

 “Go get a jacket then.” Ohno replied, reading his notes.

 “Ha? Its summer here and it’s so hot why are you asking me to get a jacket?”

That made him comfused. “Because you said its cold he—wait, who are you?” He asked, staring slowly at this person.

 Wearing a big smile on his face, he introduced himself, “Ninomiya, Ninomiya Kazunari desu! Yorushiku!”

 “Ahhh….” Ohno nodded, turning his attention back to his notebook.

His plain answer made him pout, “Aren’t going to ask why I know your name?”

“…” No words were coming out of his mouth.

“You know?, I’m a transfer student. I asked your name from others in the soccer team. I am waving to you a while ago but you left.”

Nino continued to talk about everything while sitting on his desk –it is in front of the desk of Ohno– moving his feet back and forth.

The bell rang indicating  the start of classes; not long enough, it’s over.

                Ohno started to pack his things. He arranged his notebooks, workbooks, pens slowly. After that, he carried his bag walking towards the corridor… to the stairs… to the gate of the school. At the gate, Nino is waiting.

“Yaho!” Nino greeted with a smile. However, Ohno passed through him.

 “Ehhh???? Wa-wait!” Nino reached his hand to slow Ohno down until he walked in pace with him.

 “Why are you so called Satoshi?” Nino queried.

He answered nonchalantly, “Don’t call me on my first name.”

 “I know where this conversation is going. I’m not going to get a jacket.”


Breaking the silence, he looked at Ohno curiously, “Can we walk together? This is my way going home too.”

“Do what you wa—wait, who are you?” Ohno asked while he got a glimpse of Nino.

 “Ehh?????  I introduced myself during lunch time. Ninomiya Kazunari desuuuuuu!” He said again, pouting afterwards.

They continued walking the same path. At the Stop light, there they went their separate ways to their home.

                At home, Ohno took a bath. Once refreshed, he took the iced tea left in the fridge. He lives alone. His parents are working overseas. Inside his room, there are books, DVDs and more. The room is tidy. But, there’s one thing that will get your attention inside his room. The pitch black keyboard with a wood stand painted in black. It comes with a seat with red foam. On Top of it is a piano sheet holder and a lot of scores. Ohno went near his keyboard and started playing. The music he played is so relaxing yet it feels so sad. He continues playing while humming. Ohno is a great pianist in his own world. He never plays infront of others.  The night ended.

                The last day of weekdays, Friday. Ohno opened the door of his classroom.  Nino shouted, “Ohayo Satoshi!

 Ohno passed without an answer and headed towards his seat.

“Ehh? No answer.” Nino said with a shock.

One of their classmates approached him, “Why do you keep on pushing yourself to him? He barely remembers everyones name here except for teachers. He doesn’t talk a lot. But sometimes you see him watching the sky or just blankly looking at his notebook.”

 “I wonder too! I find him interesting. I wanna be friends with him!” he said with a smile, then went to his desk, looking back at Ohno with a grin, “O-ha-yo.”

 “… -- Who are you?” he asked.

He inserts a joke to his yet another introduction, “This is impossible. You don’t remember me? I am Ninomiya Kazunari-sama! The great hero, the great fighter.”

He countered his joke, “Ah. Then leave, go kill monsters.”

 “Whoa! Is this really true?” he cried with a shocked face.

The bell rang. The class is about to start. The whole day, Nino seemed to stop from talking to Ohno.  Ohno went home alone. Doing the same routine. He plays his piano with the same piece.

Finally it’s the weekend; Ohno seemed to be feeling good about the weather. He decided to go out for a walk, wearing a clean white V-neck shirt with simple jeans. He walks out from the gates of his home. There, someone is waiting. Nino is leaning on a wall wearing a black shirt and a hat with shorts.

 “Yaaaaaho-o-o-o!” Nino waved energetically.

Ohno stopped, “Eh?”

 “What took you so long?” Nino asked.

 “Eh? Uhm… Who a--” Ohno answered.

He cut him before he finished his question, “I’m Ninomiya Kazunari, if you didn’t know.”

 “Ah.” He walked towards the place he wanted to go to.

Nino grinned, “Can I come? I’m following you already though.”

Both of them walked to the park. The park is so peaceful. You can see a lot of children on the play ground. Trees are everywhere and there’s a vast soccer field. Ohno sat under the shade of a tree with his view of the soccer field.  Both of them sat side by side.

“Why are you so persistent….?” Ohno asked out of the blue.

“Uwah! I’m shocked!” Nino was taken aback with his sudden question, holding his chest.

However, Ohno sounded serious, “Can you please answer it…?”

“You know? There are some mysterious things in this world. One of those is miracles. ” Nino answered.

 “What are you talking about? That’s Not--”

Nino stopped his speech in mid-sentence. “Satoshi. What a nice name. Arigato.”

 “Don’t call me on my first name. But wh-why are you thanking me?”

 “It was last year. I had to go to Shiraho Hospital. I’m waiting for my operation. I was on the verge of life and death…”

Flash of memories suddenly went back to Ohno’s mind when he heard of “Shiraho Hospital.” He is surprised. Nino continued to tell him the story.

 “Inside the operation room. The doctors are panicking. I can’t see everything but I hear their voices. Where is it? How long will it take? The doctor said. It should have been here by now! The other doctor said. I was so confused. I was so helpless; somehow, I’m losing hope at that time. That’s when I heard someone shouting at the door. Please! Use this! Use this for the sake of my friend. It’s all he wanted before…. Then I heard a nurse stopping this person saying loudly Ohno-san stop.  But this guy pleaded and continued to say Please! Please! Probably, yeah probably that is a nurse. Then I lost my strength and everything went black. Then --”

Ohno’s aura changed, making Nino feel heavy. Knowing that feeling, he saw Ohno-sans tears.  Ohno is crying having his head bent down.

“Satosh--” Nino called.

“Stop. Will you come with me…? Will you let me ask a favor? Will you? NINO!” Ohno begged, gripping on Nino’s shoulder.

”Ehhhhhhhhhhhh???????????? You remembered my name!!” Nino looked so happy.

“That’s not what I’m asking for!” Ohno laughed a bit, wiping his tears.

“Gomen! Okay. I’ll do whatever you ask.”

Ohno pulled nino’s hand and went back to his home.  Nino is wondering why they would go there. Just when he saw things and realized that…

 “Satoshi, why… why here?”

 “You’ll see when you get into my room.” 

They entered his room. Nino is surprised. He sees not only books, not only the piano, but also the keyboard. But one thing that really got Ninos’ attention are pictures that are somewhat collaged on his study table. Almost all of the pictures there consist of Ohno with some other guy and mostly, they are always beside each other.  While staring at it, Nino hears the melody of the song played by Ohno. Slowly his heart beat rose. Somehow, Nino felt it was so nostalgic. Nino sat beside Ohno.

While playing the keyboard, he spoke, “This song. This song was his favorite.  We were doing everything. Actually, we created this song…”

Nino simply listens carefully.

“He was a part of my life already. He was always there. Shared our happy and painful moments. He’s the only one who understands me.”

Tears are already flowing from Ohno’s eyes.

 “Jun is his name He is my lifetime best friend. Everything happened so fast. We were playing soccer at our school grounds.  That day, I never thought it would happen. You know why? I saw him smile. I saw him laugh. Inside the field he would always protect me if I didn’t notice the pass is coming. He always had my back. That day he said Satoshi! Ganbare! Makenaizou!  I gladly answered with a big Nod. As I watch him run to steal the ball and back him up. He fell down. I ran towards him shouted at the top of my voice. I also blacked out. The next thing I know both of us are already in the hospital. I saw him right beside me. With a mask on…  ”

A year ago…

 Jun saw Ohno sleeping beside him with his head laid down on the bed while sitting on a chair.

 Satoshi…” Jun called while brushing Ohno’s head.

 “Jun! How are you feeling? Does it hurt anywhere?” Ohno answered with alertness when he woke up.

 “Don’t panic. I’m feeling good. The doctor said I needed to stay here for a bit. Will you go home now? I bet you haven’t eaten anything yet.” Jun said.

 “I already ate a lot.  Do you want any?” Ohno looking sideways obviously lying.

 “Don’t go lying on me. I know you very well even if my eyes are closed, I know you’re lying. I’m sorry; I believe it’s my turn to cook right? Well not that you cooked always but I promised to cook today right? It’s your birthday after all.”

 He shook his head, “Don’t mind me. I’m okay. I’m more worried about you.”

 Jun sighed, “I will be more worried if you don’t eat. Shouldn’t we make a conclusion about this?”

He gave his best friend a puzzled look, “What’s with you all of a sudden? You still think about me while you are there lying with all of those wires and mask attached to you.”

“This is a favor. Can we please play that song again? I think it might make me feel well and while you go and get those, get some ramen and gyoza at the house. I prepared some for you. You better cook it and bring it here.”

 “You did? Okay I’ll go get it inside the house. Then you should wait for me okay?”

Jun nodded with a big smile and said “I will be waiting”. When Ohno left, Jun asked for the nurse to call the nearest bakeshop and prepare a cake for Ohno.  

Jun knew this is a Brain failure, his condition.

After 3 hrs, Ohno arrived at the hospital with everything Jun asked.  Ohno went on the table to start preparing. Jun asked the nurse to remove the mask for him to be able to move. Jun stood and prepared the keyboard.  After some preparations, Ohno is astonished to hear Jun playing. It was unexpected.

 Jun sang with a soft and mellow voice, “Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday Dear Satoshi… Happy birthday to you..”

 “Arigato!” he bowed his head while small tear drops come from his eyes.

 “Satoshi. Look at me.” Jun asked ohno, holding a cake full of glowing candles reflecting through his clothes.

Ohno is amazed with the cake Jun bought for him. He was so happy. He’s smiling from ear to ear. They spent their time eating gyoza and ramen. They laughed like they never laughed before. They talked as if they had just met.  After those, both of them went to the keyboard and sat.

 “Should we start playing?” Jun asked, stretching his fingers.

 Ohno answered cheerfully, “Sure thing!”

Slowly, Ohno started to play with his right hand. Then Jun played with his left hand synching with Ohno. They were having fun.

Subsequently, Jun’s left hand began to play gradually, “Satoshi, Can you continue? I’m feeling a little tired. I think I need to sleep.”

He nodded and simply continued playing, “Sure, go back to your bed now I’ll play ‘till you fall asleep.”

But Jun chose to lay his head onto Ohno’s shoulder to sleep. While playing, he felt Jun’s steady breathing.  He continued on playing. The song has a lot of meaning. The melody relaxes the heart. They were both amazed how they made it. Both of them felt strong feelings of Friendship in them. At the last notes of the song, Ohno pressed the wrong key. Just when he realized, Jun was already…

He cried… while gripping onto Jun’s arms.

Going to the present…

“Jun told me when a day will come I will give his heart to someone. To someone who deserves it. To someone who has to share his life. For his friends, for his family.” Ohno said while playing.

“That’s why I am thanking you. It is my pleasure… or no, it is fate that brought me to you. To formally thank the people behind my survival. I think it’s his heart that brought me to you. I looked all over for you.  Just when I knew that we’re at the same age, I had this feeling. Now it’s all clear.  I will be by your side. I will do my best. For Jun-san who I never met and Satoshi that is now here…”

Nino put his hands onto Ohno’s shoulders and smiled, “Don’t you forget what today is. Happy Birthday Satoshi”.

Hearing Nino’s words, unconsciously, Ohno didn’t realize that he had finished the song that was never finished way back. It felt like somehow… Jun… was there beside him.

” I was right there. I saw everything. I wanted him to know” -- Jun

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so beautiful. i really loved it kevin-chan! great job. it definitely shows us the true meaning of friendship. arigatou for this beautiful story! :)

Aw that was a sweet story ;u; Thanks for sharing <3

thank you so much ^_^
Hope you liked it.

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