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A Thank You for Living

A Thank You for Living

Everything we face in the world are part of a whole.

It consists of challenges, people, emotions, belief and more.

we might not be strong enough to surpass those hurdles in our life

but think of it, you're still alive. which means you can still move on.

The right choices may not always be the best for you.

but in the long run it will then be a big benefit for you.

Some of the important things for you may fade away

Some of it will stay. and it's your choice to keep and cherish it.

It's because you are crying. It's because you are laughing.

Those are your proof of living.

It's because you feel your tears. It's because you hear your heart beat.

Those are your proof of living.

You meet other people. You chase down your path to your love one.

You bring out the best in you. You tried to change for the best

Isn't that a proof that you can still move on and keep fighting?

Believe in yourself and try to move forward slowly.

In time, you will realize that things are always in the right place

it just need time and proper understanding.

And if you already found its purpose and answered your questions.

this is the time where you will say "Thank You and I am Still Living"


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Wow~ This is nice~!! ^_^/

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